Care For Your Loved Ones

Say No to Wet & Mouldy Shoes

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Our feet sweat and shoes absorb moisture from them. Leather shoes are especially prone to mildew and mould growth if tored in an area where moisture and heat levels are too high, and there’s no stopping once you get them going.

It is important to place wooden shoe-trees in your shoes regularly to prevent moisture build-up, drying out the lining of the shoes so that they do not rot from the inside. Shoe-trees also hold the shoes in proper shape so that they dry out correctly. Get one from Shoe Artistry at HKD350 / SGD62.

Alternatively, insert active carbon packs or newspapers into the shoes. Always place your footwear in a dry and airy place.

Polish Them Alive

Polish 1

Alight boys, it isn’t too hard. Cleanse, cream and wax – it’s a simple procedure to keep leather shoes alive.

Polish is like moisturizer in our skincare regime. It helps moisturize and waterproof the leather, lengthening the lifespan of your shoes. Often our shoes show traces of the day. By running a soft brush over them will already give the shoes a new shine.

Pick up Famaco shoe care products from Shoe Artistry.

  • 50ml Leather Polish from HKD96 / SGD17
  • 50ml Leather Shoe Wax from HKD118 / SGD21
  • Suede Shampoo with Cleaning Brush from HKD148 / SGD26
  • Thick Poly-velvet Shoe Cloth from HKD38 / SGD7
  • Horse Hair and Pig Hair Shoe Brushes from HKD108 / SGD19
  • Rubber Brush for Cleaning Suede from HKD68 / SGD12
  • Brush for Cleaning Dust and Dirt from HKD68 / SGD12

Resoling Your Solemate

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Quality handcrafted shoes can last a lifetime, and we mean it. A good quality pair of shoes will always have their soles stitched and never cemented. We have ascertained that in our detailed Made-to-Order journey narration. Shoes that have glued or cemented soles are impossible to resole, but an invested bespoke or made-to-order pair with us that has become your decade-solemate is worth the repair effort.

@regalrepair is our preferred resoling partner.


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