Commercial Consultation

Product Training & Sample Development

If you are looking to develop a shoe collection for your fashion label or need advice on how to transform your shoe design concept into reality, you can reach out to us. Shoe Artistry provides consultation, product training, and sample development for corporates, companies, and designers. Over the years, we have encountered many individuals whom you may call “slash”, who have a deep passion for shoemaking and consider the craft as their side job. We guide them on how to turn their shoemaking ideas into enterprises. Here a few stories to tell.


Samika: Summertime Sandals. Ergonomic Performance Testing Validation.

Corie, founder of Samika, approached Shoe Artistry with an idea of a pair of simple ladies’ sandals. We guided her on the multiple rounds of the sandals’ ergonomic performance testing to ensure that whilst the design was simple and elegant, it provided appropriate and functional foot support for the wearer. The sandals were subsequently launched as part of Samika’s summer collection.


Matthew Lam: Materializing Futuristic Collection On The Fashion Stage

Matthew Lam studied fashion design at RMIT University in Australia. Shoe Artistry helped him materialize his futuristic shoe designs for a fashion show. Working with young designers is always fascinating. Their creative and explosive ideas keep us energized.


Yat Pit: Hong Kong Neighbourhood Goes To The Big Apple

Yat Pit, founded by Onying and Jason, is a young playful fashion label launched in 2015, that has made stage to the Shanghai Fashion Week. Shoe Artistry collaborated with Yat Pit to develop a pair of “heeled sandals” that was inspired by black fish-netted flip-flops from a local Hong Kong neighbourhood and door-stoppers. The combination of these two kitsch objects transformed into a piece of stylish footwear for funky fashion lovers. These sandals are now available in the Open Ceremony store in New York.


kapok: Classic-Urban Transformation

Kapok is a Hong Kong-based multi-label lifestyle store. Shoe Artistry collaborated with its design team to come up with a shoe design that exudes Kapok’s urban brand personality. The outcome is a classic Oxford, constructed using a fine selection of suede from France. The concept fused contemporary design elements with the traditional features of an Oxford, transforming a classic dress shoe into an iconic pair for the urban lifestyle.


Blanc De Chine: Handcrafted Slippers. Retail Experience Improvement.

Blanc de Chine was established in 1996 in Hong Kong as a luxury brand with a modern and fashionable twist to the traditional Chinese culture. Shoe Artistry was commissioned to design a limited batch of luxurious leather slippers for premium customers to comfortably slip into when they step into the store’s changing rooms. The slippers were handmade with Italian leather and intricate construction, adding a heartfelt touch to the entire retail experience.


Fused Footwear Digital Future Of Shoemaking

Philippe Holthuizen, founder of Fused Footwear, is a creative digital cobbler who has been exploring new relationships between footwear customization and 3D printing technology. Shoe Artistry has collaborated with Fused Footwear on multiple projects aimed to integrate traditional shoemaking methods with digital fabrication techniques.