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Shoe Artistry [Handmade Bespoke Leather Shoes]

鞋藝工舘 【手工訂製皮鞋】

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PMQ 元創方, A座, 6/F, S603, 中環鴨巴甸街35號
PMQ 元創方, S603, 6/F, 中環鴨巴甸街35號

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68B Race Course Road 3/F #B Singapore 218571

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About Me

It was in Singapore that I received my fashion design education—I graduated from the prestigious Central St. Martins School of Art and Design in the United Kingdom with a BA(Hons) in Jewelry Design. During my school years, I won many design awards. As a fashion designer, I have worked as a fashion and jewellery designer with major fashion brands like Fossil, Esprit, Armani, Ralph Lauren, etc. As part of my role, I was also responsible for designing, sourcing, and operating the company. Working with designers, suppliers, and manufacturers and building their relationships to make an item work was something I loved to do.

Shoe Artistry is a handcrafted bespoke leather shoes business that combines Craft, Feet Wellness, and Technology. In 2012, my husband and I inherited a 40-year-old shoe shop and revived it. The company offers both men’s and women’s custom-made leather shoes. With the help of technology, we take accurate measurements of your feet using a 3D feet scanner. It is the first company to incorporate 3D-printed insoles into leather footwear (the insoles are meant for athletes to be placed in their sports shoes). This way, we can produce leather shoes that fit perfectly and adequately support your feet.

My extensive network in Singapore further enables me to provide consulting services to overseas companies interested in setting up offices and investing in Singapore. Having a comprehensive understanding of government grants for small and medium enterprises in Singapore, as well as local property investments and corporate/SME loans

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more!


我是在新加坡接受時裝設計教育的。 畢業於英國著名的中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院,獲得珠寶設計學士學位(榮譽)。 在校期間,我贏得了許多設計獎項。 作為一名時裝設計師,我曾為時裝和珠寶設計師與 Fossil、Esprit、Armani、Ralph Lauren 等主要時裝品牌合作。 作為我職責的一部分,我還負責公司的設計、採購和運營。 與設計師、供應商和製造商合作,並與他們建立關係以使一件商品發揮作用是我喜歡做的事情。

鞋藝工舘是一家結合工藝、足部健康和技術的手工定制皮鞋企業。 2012年,我和老公繼承了一家有40年曆史的鞋店,讓它重新煥發活力。 該公司提供男式和女式定制皮鞋。 借助技術,我們使用 3D 足部掃描儀對您的足部進行準確測量。 它是第一家將 3D 打印鞋墊整合到皮鞋中的公司(鞋墊是為了讓運動員穿在運動鞋上)。 這樣,我們就可以生產出完美合腳並為您的雙腳提供適當支撐的皮鞋。

我在新加坡廣泛的網絡進一步使我能夠為有興趣在新加坡設立辦事處和投資的海外公司提供諮詢服務。 全面了解新加坡中小企業的政府補助,以及當地的房地產投資和企業/中小企業貸款如果您有興趣了解更多,請隨時與我聯繫

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